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About the Shane Harris Community Christmas Day Breakfast

The Shane Harris Community Christmas Day Breakfast and Gift Giveaway is San Diego's only gathering on Christmas Day that serves the community in the magnitude it does. The annual gathering was started by Shane Harris who is a national civil rights activist and the President and Founder of a national civil rights organization called the People's Association of Justice Advocates but also is a former foster youth of 13 years in San Diego's foster care system. Following the losses of both of his parents Harris experienced many holidays without his family and wanted to make sure no other child in the foster care system or in the community felt the same void he felt which empowered him to launch the annual gathering on Christmas morning . Harris launched the annual gathering six years ago out of a desire to ensure that foster children and youth, foster families, unsheltered youths, and struggling families across the community have a place to go on Christmas Day that reflects that of a family gathering as opposed to an event prior to Christmas Day that feels like an event. The annual event has grown over the years and annually serves over 500 families and it features thousands of wrapped gifts for kids, 16 tons of snow, and breakfast for the family. 

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